Refund Medical Insurance (“Free Choice”)

Joanne Hadida Isvy is not listed in any medical insurance chart, but if you have subscribed with your medical insurance the ‘Refund’ or ‘Free Choice’ option, sessions will be much cheaper.

In this case, sessions will only cost you 10% or 20% of the agreed price. The requirement is to have an insurance with free choice or refund option, where you submit the bill we will make for you and receive a 90-80% refund, since you can also choose a specialist outside the medical chart.

How do you know if your Medical Insurance has the Refund option?
If you do not know if your medical insurance offers the Refund option you should ask your insurance company, see if you can pick a specialist outside their medical chart, and submit them the bill for partial refund.

What to do if you have a Refund Medical Insurance?
Usually, to obtain the reimbursement you shall send them an application form such as this one along with the invoice you will receive after each session.

What Refund Medical Insurances are most common in Spain?
Axa, Cigna, La Estrella, Sanitas Mundi, Mútua General de Catalunya, Winterthur, Adeslas Extra, HNA, Mapfre Caja Salud, DKV Seguros, etc. Cosalud. Almost all insurances offer this option.