Eating disorders +
  • Chronic and rapid ingestion of large amounts of food rich in carbohydrates.
  • Excessive concern for body image and inadequate perception of self image.
  • Induction of vomiting or abusing of laxatives for fear of gaining weight.
  • Significant weight loss (amenorrhea in women) and refusal to maintain medically proper weight.
  • Excessive and irrational fear of weight gain.

Cyberdependency +

  • Irritability and nervousness when a disconnexion happens.
  • Feeling of being elsewhere when connected.
  • Browsing to escape anxiety.
  • Loss of track of time spent online.
  • Inability to reduce connection time.
  • Temptation to connect even at night.
  • Decrease in work capacity.
  • Disruption of personal relationships.
  • Physical self-neglect.

Toxics +

  • Excess intake of intoxicants on a regular basis.
  • Restlessness, irritability, anxiety if abstinence.
  • Difficulties in relationships with others.
  • Slowdown of professional life.
  • Difficulties concentrating and/or at school.