Couple problems +
  • Frequents and repetitive arguments inside the couple.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Systematically blaming the partner of existing problems.
  • Separations.
  • Divorces.
  • Having affairs outside the couple.
  • Physical or psychological abuse inside the couple.
  • Searching other activities outside the couple (professional, social) and investing oneself in them in view of putting as much distance as possible from the couple (emotionally and sexually).
  • Repeated choice of conflictive relationships, due to the difficulty to maintain a healthy and strong relationship, through choosing dysfunctional and troublesome partners.

Sexual problems +

  • Partial or total absence of sexual desire.
  • Feelings of rejection of avoidance to all sort of sexual activity.
  • Lack of physiologic sexual response (reaching or maintaining an erection or vaginal lubrification).
  • Lack of pleasure or pleasant sensations during sexual intercourse.
  • Delay in, or absence of orgasm or ejaculation during satisfying sexual intercourse.
  • Genital pain before, during or after sexual intercourse.
  • Unintentional vaginal contraction that prevents penetration.